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I am certificated medical nurse and work as a piercer a this shop since 2007. I can do all kind of piercing include microdermal applications. I prepare everything about cleaning and sterilization process of tools for tattooing and piercing. I like different music from rum'n'bass to metal, sports (snowboarding and cycling) and travelling. You can find me at reception where I talk with incoming clients.



My name is Jirka (George) but everybody knows my nickname Zmetek. I was born in Brno on 1987. I went into tattoos at my 15. Many of my friends was tattooed and I liked it. During my childhood I did many drawing and painting. I was starting with tattooing on 2004 and opened my own tattoo shop, called Reject Tattoo. In the end of 2007 I got an offer frm this shop which is very well know in town. I closed my shop and moved to the Planet Tattoo and starting here from january 2008.

I like do custom tattoos, coloured old/new school and japanese. I can do black and grey pieces as well. My hobbies are: this fantastic job, music ( i am a frontman of a hardcore band Primitive Core), drawing and exercising. I am a member of an airsoft team. I am looking forward to meet you in our shop.



My name is Robert, but everybody knows me as Robin. Same names here. I was born in Brno and live on suburban now, close to pure nature. I got my first tattoo on 17 and it was starting my interest about it.

I opened my tattoo shop in summer 1994. It took very short time and my appointment book was full for weeks. Later I renamed and moved shop to the downtown. I prefer blac and grey tattoos but colors like too. My most favourite designs are fantasy, demons, biomechanical and animals. I don´t like tribals, it´s boring job man.

My favourite artists are Toxyc, Carson Hill, Brandon Bond, Boris, Jack Ribeiro and from this country Živko, Milosch, David and Fishero. My favourite music is Disturbed, Mushroomhead, System of a Down, Metallica, Helloween, Manowar and other kinds of metal. I like books, prefer fantasy, sci-fi a technothrillers (Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn and many more). I ride a mountain bike, gun shooting and exercising. I am a fan of paganism and carry a Thor´s hammer on my neck. I love animals, exceptionally cats, dogs and wolves. I can speak English and little bit German and Russian. I hope to see you in my shop buddy.

Robin Robin

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