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We use modern sterilizer from Cominox company. We have the model Sterilclave 18 B. Our B class Sterilizer is essential for sterilizing “Hollow A” type instruments as is used in Dental Practices. Complete sterilization is ensured by a fractionated vacuum cycle that is monitored by a process evaluation system and can be used for wrapped or unwrapped porous loads.

Fractioned Vacuum

Fractionated vacuum is the best vacuum method. This very special system allows the expulsion of air pockets also in hollow and porous instruments.

The importance of vacuum

The air present inside the sterilization chamber at the beginning of the cycle is not absorbed by the steam produced by the autoclave due to its different physical elasticity. Consequently, the air bubbles remain "cold" and do not guarantee sterilization. They have to be vented out by a vacuum pump.


All needles used at Planet Tattoo are single use, pre-made and pre-sterilized. After needles have been used the entire needle grouping and needle bar is disposed of in a sharps / bio hazardous waste container. The needles are the only piece of the equipment that actually penetrates the skin. Tattoo tubes are re-used but they are heavily cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave.


We use the best inks available to the tattoo industry.We have colours for all tastes, when we colour your tattoo,we give you the chance to choose your own colours, we will guarantee you a stunning finish.

These inks are vibrant lasting colours, our inks are certified and look stunning before and after the healing process, beautiful lasting art work. We use only EU certified tattoo inks: Kuro Sumi, Mom´s Millenium and Intenze.


All piercing needles are single use, and are disposed of in a sharps/bio hazardous waste container. All instruments used for piercing are re-used after going through a rigorous cleaning and sterilization in an autoclave.

When getting a piercing the area should be clean, and any instruments and needles should come out of a sealed autoclave pouch. The piercer should always wear sterile nonpowder gloves and should not touch anything outside of his / her sterile field to prevent cross contamination.


When getting a tattoo the area should be clean, and any instruments or needles should come out of a sealed autoclave pouch or directly from a sterilizer. The artist should always wear latex/nitrile nonpoweder gloves, ink should be dispensed into disposable ink caps, and the artist should use barrier film to cover spray bottles, machines, power supplies, and clip cords to prevent cross contamination.

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